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Walking Through Illusion

ISBN: 978-84694-292-1
Pub Date: May 28, 2010

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Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Otter Thompson … is a well organized and well written book. Parts of it read almost like a novel…There are questions you may answer like a workbook… inspirational affirmations that may uplift your soul as you move through your own journey of removing veils of illusion… and deeply poignant, personal insights that Thompson shares from her own life experiences. In other words, there is something for everyone.
You may or may not believe that Thompson actually spoke with Jesus, but that is irrelevant because her insights, revelations, and discoveries are thought-provoking, profound, and far from illusory.
Keep Walking Through Illusion as a resource to refer back to when you are experiencing issues with the Morality, Beliefs, Truth, and Gifts in your life. You will want to examine your perceptions of life as you re-read Walking Through Illusion again and again.
  - Shanimah Ra, Ph.D, http://bit.ly/bymIOa

Walking Through Illusion—-by Betsy Otter Thompson
Ms. Thompson’s unique insights using characters familiar to many is both bold and effective. Beginning with the book’s title, illusion clouds many aspects of our lives, and this point is considered extensively throughout the chapters of “Walking Through Illusion.”
Each chapter delves into a unique subject that causes the reader to examine his/hers own relationship with self, and how to overcome the challenges and shortcomings we all battle. Twenty three chapters cover a range from morality, beliefs, approval, truth, complaints, betrayal, death, and time. Biblical characters are used throughout through conversations with Jesus.
Paul tested unsuccessfully until reaching a place of giving suitably; “you gave superficially and received superficially; you gave sacrificially and received sacrificially; to receive suitably you have to give suitably.” (page 47)
Mark was instructed that, ‘If you think up an idea it exists. If you live an idea, it’s yours.’ (page74)
A common theme throughout the book, and one well woven throughout, is that mirrors reflect our views and actions, and what we offer to others is reciprocated. The “mirror of the moment.” For some it takes much trial and error to figure this out, as she describes so well.
The “Personal Insights” at the end of each chapter are powerful, showing Ms. Thompson’s real life struggles and the learning process she has gone through. This section is a must read. It’s easy to understand, but very thought provoking. An example: “I find it hard to trust advice. Not because it isn’t sound, but because it’s often generic. What is helpful to another might not be helpful to me. I trust an inner voice that I refer to as my instincts.” (page 122) and What is a meaningful legacy? (page 153)
Another common thread in all the stories is this: we can often find the answers to our struggles within ourselves.
Insightful and full of thoughts that will both inspire and provoke, “Walking Through Illusion” is worthy of its place on your reading list, whether it’s the first time or a follow up. It’s sure to inspire.
  - Craig Elliott, robertcraigelliott.blogspot.com

Once in a while, a book falls into your lap that is almost heaven-sent. It arrives, and when you read it, you realize it is precisely what you needed! Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Otter Thompson, was such a book for me. This work reminds me of so many others – Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch, A Course in Miracles, and The Disappearance of the Universe, by Gary R. Renard, just to name a few. If those books spoke to you, this one will as well. So much of what I read, rang so true and deep for me. Walking Through Illusion illustrates in very concrete ways how to dispel illusion through wonderful and catchy maxims you might find yourself reciting like a mantra, through worksheets that are both practical and useful, and through reflection questions that are both engaging and cogent. This is not a book to be simply read, but to be lived – digested and re-visited over and over again!
Walking Through Illusion contains a section of the author’s personal reflections at the end of every chapter, and these were among my favorite parts of the book, often providing an almost perfect reflection of my own experiences. For example, in the chapter on “Morality,” Betsy Otter Thompson shares her own journey in forgiving herself, which she was able to do under the tutelage of Jesus: “I went from resenting those who had wronged me, to loving the growth they offered; I went from wishing people were different to welcoming their uniqueness; I went from hating my lonely hours, to loving my independence…I went from fearing the unknown to embracing each new moment. Nothing changed overnight, but overnight I knew that change was possible…”
Walking Through Illusion, like the works of Byron Katie, and Eckhart Tolle, will help you separate the wheat of reality from the chaff of illusion. It will give you greater clarity in regards to many aspects of your life – the true nature of the ego – and how you can be the true architect of your successes. I know that I will be returning to it, and reviewing portions for a long time to come!
  - Olga Rasmussen, Aligning With Grace, aligningwithgrace.blogspot.com

In Walking Through Illusion, Betsy Otter Thompson offers wisdom that touches deeply in many ways. She offers long conversations with Jesus, as he shares insights about the people we have known through biblical reference. Each of these people offers a gift of greater understanding, which Betsy then expands on from personal experience. This book can be a daily meditation for self-understanding, as well as an inspirational guide. It works on many levels to bring greater meaning into daily life.
  - Shanta Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Messages and The Gabriel Message Cards.

Betsy Otter Thompson in her book Walking Through Illusion gives a beautiful explanation of how love is a choice we make. “Hearts are free to express from the depth to which they go. It means that each of us is free to love in the face of reasons not to. If we love, the heart goes deeper to reveal our true identity. If we don’t love, more opportunities arrive through which to do so.”
  - Andrea DeBell, brite-talk.com

When I read Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Otter Thompson, which I highly recommend as an addition to your library, I realized how wonderfully it ties in with bodies being well. This is one book you will want to read over and over; ‘a leave by your bedside book.’ There are chapters on morality, approval, acceptance, betrayal, opinions and so much more, with questions at the end which I found thought provoking. The author offers personal insights, very open and almost raw, of how each chapter related to her life. For me, this was very nearly the best part of the book! The author also says: ‘I knew that if I’d created the mess I was in, I could create something else.’ Since I have been dealing with various health issues, I’m even more committed to understanding this idea! I loved this book and know I will pick it up again and again. It is full of wonderful, beautiful quotes from the author and I loved the following one: ‘You are the light you let in, the love you give, the beauty you define, and the reason you live.’
  - Kirsten Jude, www.takesomeoldskin.com

The concept of Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Otter Thompson is a conversation with Jesus. She doesn’t call it channeling, but she does give an example of another author, Abraham Hicks… Ms. Thompson has tapped into a consciousness beyond herself to get answers to her questions. The book is simple to read and, for the most part, easy to flip through, to any chapter in any order, to get a lesson for the day. The author offers inspirations through quotes and questions. Here is an example of Questions to Ponder:
• Do I imitate those who are happy, or those who only speak of happiness?
• Do I live a satisfying life, or do I anticipate satisfaction down the road?
• Do I look for the beat in people or do I look for the worst in people?
You don’t have to subscribe to the concept of Jesus as a spiritual teacher to get what you need out of this book. The author says, “The gift is in the message, whether the history is taken literally or not.”… The questions asked of Jesus cover the deeper questions in life… The answers may surprise you but they also ring true… I recommend this book to anyone who is open to hearing more about universal truth, love, and compassion.
  - Leanne Holitza, insightfulinspirations.org

Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Otter Thompson, offers a unique perspective on the characters in the Bible. Written in question and answer format, the author asks Jesus of Nazareth questions such as: “How did you view the act of suicide?” and “Did Pilate live his karma by returning in another lifetime as an innocent who was murdered?”
While I did not agree with all the answers given, I found myself believing that much of this book was inspired by a higher source. The author set out to reenact emotions that Jesus, his followers, and his adversaries might have felt. Many of the answers helped me to look at my life more clearly. In fact, at the end of each chapter, the author has thought-provoking questions for the reader, and offers her personal insights.
If you love to read books on ‘manifesting your destiny’ or “A Course in Miracles” you will enjoy this book. If you prefer a Christian view, you might be stretched out of your comfort zone – but you will enjoy the journey through time, envisioning the biblical characters as people who dealt with their own difficulties.
  - Elizabeth M. Herrera, journal.lotusshoppe.com

Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Otter Thompson, is a thought provoking book based on the energy of love, and the freedom each of us has to express it. Much of the book is devoted to thoughts around the physics of action/reaction… The question asked within the book is profound: “If love is in the moment, and you’re happy now, why does it matter what the future brings?” The chapter on handicaps caught my attention specifically because my son is blind, and while both of us spent a great deal of time looking at this as a handicap, it has opened up a multitude of possibilities for his life, and is now viewed as a gift. In this chapter, we are taught that there is a truth that is right for everyone: that everyone is looking for the ultimate within themselves. This is a book you want to keep close to where you meditate and ask for guidance each day.
  - Georgia Feiste, rainbowbridgecoach.com

As I opened Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Otter Thomson, and began to read, I became fascinated with the way the author portrays thoughts and beliefs. This book is for anyone searching for insight into their heart and soul. .. Old truths are revealed through a different angle. Truths such as: “inner, not outer transformation is the way to create change” and, “in all the little things you relish are all the big things that matter.” This book teaches in a unique way that life is a mirror; the universal law of Cause and Effect, or, Reaping and Sowing. The book is filled with insight and allows you to see the truth through different eyes. A must read.
  - Cyndy Cessnun, triplecreekhealth.blogspot.com

Walking Through Illusion is an excellent way to learn spiritual principles. It brings out in easy to understand language the main points on the path of spiritual growth. I highly recommend reading and rereading this book, completing the work sheets, and walking through the illusion into enlightenment.
LeRoy Kattein, www.aleroy.com

How do I start a book review for a book that has changed my life? Set in dialogue format, Thompson asks all the right questions and the Jesus energy within her heart answers them from a place of pure love, understanding and truth. Walking Through Illusion isn’t a book that you pick up and just read; it is a book that demands connection with emotion and inner searching. It is a book that will bring you to new understanding about yourself, your life, and the people in it. Betsy Otter Thompson brilliantly combines the wisdom of Jesus with short notes of her own journey, as well as offers questions to help you realize your own truth at the end of each chapter. It is my belief that Walking Through Illusion can propel us all to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our role here on this planet.
  - Jennifer Merritt, yourstateofbeing.blogspot.com

This is the kind of book that I love to read because it’s written to be an interaction with the reader. In this book, Walking Through Illusion, the author, Betsy Otter Thompson, gives you thoughts to ponder, worksheets at the end of each chapter, and my favorite, her very own personal insights into what she herself has learned and how it relates to her own life.
  - Deb Coats, angelsamongusliving3d.blogspot.com

When I first began reading Walking Through Illusion I knew it would be a book I’d have to read several times to fully appreciate. Having finished my first read, I feel I have been on a highly emotional journey, and I feel like I have come to know more about the teachings of Jesus. I have made a personal connection with the energies of Jesus which is a great gift, not in a religious sense but as a friend and guide.
  - Robyn Crawford, www.crystallize-books.com

Really well done, Betsy. You know I don’t relate to Jesus per se, but I do relate to the wise words, life lessons, guides to thinking and behavior, and generosity of perspective – all expressed from the standpoint of love of self and therefore others.
  - Alan F. Horn, President of Warner Bros.

I will never forget you for this gift to my life. In some ways, it has caused me to bring down internal barriers, which allowed me to better assimilate what I’ve learned thus far on my journey. Walking Through Illusion helped me to bring it all together. Regardless of how this book is perceived or interpreted, the healing power of truth and love in it stands on its own; the ‘lessons’ are as applicable today as they were 2000 years ago.
  - Charles Stewart, 1stcharlesstewart.wordpress.com

“Walking Through Illusion had a huge impact on me. I’m working on practicing the examples outlined in the book to see things in a new and wonderful way. Life is what you make of it and I want to make the best out of mine. Your book has given me an outlook I haven’t had in a very long time. It’s refreshing.”
  - Zita Ost, Co-Host and Producer of The Buzz ZTalk Radio Network

“In Walking through Illusion, Betsy Otter Thompson delves into the human heart through her exploration of the people around Jesus. As her vehicle, she creates a conversation with him in order to understand his journey and the journeys of those around him. Her honest introspection of how the message affected her life helps the reader to remove the veil that keeps us from living life more fully. An inspiring contribution from an inspiring author.”
Author & Therapist Cathal O’Briain “Powerful Mind through Self-Hypnosis”

This book is very different from all the other ones I have seen about Jesus. It doesn’t “talk” about Jesus and all the other people we read about in the bible and bible classes. Instead this book gives the reader insight into how these people were affected by his life and choices. This is not a historical book. This is a book for those of us who have questions about our own faith and belief structure and the part it plays in today’s life. Read it more than once. This book points to the fact that even if we don’t realize it, we are all teachers for one another. We listen for the quiet voice that can lead us to greater understanding, to help our fellow man. Enjoy this book with an open mind, welcome the lessons.
  - Florida Reader Judith, a 5 Star Review on Amazon

This is a fascinating read from a very creative mind. The commentary gives real heft to characters profiled in the Bible. I found the chapter on Approval and the characterization of Mark to be spot on in terms of relating to the human need to simply be accepted. The commentary related how we often put on masks that reveal only a portion of our self. The fine tuned dialogue moves us gracefully to a point of self acceptance which is a tribute to the brilliance of the author.
  - Joni Hudson-Reynolds, ebonymompolitics.wordpress.com

Provocative Spiritual Mystery
Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Otter Thompson is a book you will want to read over and over if you are interested in spiritual matters. The chapters each take a Biblical character and in a Q & A format the author has a dialogue with Jesus about that person and the purpose of the trials or temptations he or she had in life. The situations all are presented in such a way, with Jesus’ answers so thought-provoking, that anyone can extrapolate the circumstances to his or her own life. The answers Jesus gives are definitely not what you have been taught in Sunday School but force you to see things from a new perspective, the perspective of eternity, which is not only after this life on earth but also before your spirit entered your body. The purpose of the book seems to be to make us think through what our spirit has chosen and committed to learn in this physical experience and to see that all the Universe conspires to help us learn the lessons we selected for this lifetime. It will take many readings to comprehend these simple illustrations which contain the Great Mystery. An EXCELLENT book.
  - Bonnie Neeley, an Amazon Review

What An Amazing Book!
Unlike any other book I’ve read that just talks ‘about’ Jesus – this one felt more like I was part of a hypothetical personal interview with Jesus and all the biblical people who actually ‘knew Him’ and the affect He had on their lives and how they might have reacted to His choices. The Q&A worksheet at the end of each chapter was so useful – it helped me to change my own outlook by incorporating meaningful ideas from each of its short stories, and it’s hard to find the kind of honesty that is exhibited by this author where she shares how her own life has also been greatly influenced by the book’s messages. This book did more in helping me to understand my own spirituality and to question my perspective on life than anything else I’ve read, enabling me to make some long-awaited positive changes. A must-read for anyone who has questions about their own faith and beliefs and the part the church plays today in their life. There are so many unique possibilities to be gained from Walking Through Illusion!
  - A Prolific Book Reader near Illinois, an Amazon Review

This is a book you want to keep by your favorite chair and read over and over. The exercises at the end of each chapter are especially helpful. For they take us, like Alice, on a journey through the looking glass, where we can see the other side of things from a new perspective. Which is real and which illusion? The journey cuts across separation and outmoded paradigms to a place where transformation and a new approach is possible. The choice is ours. Betsy Thompson shows us with examples from her own life that anything is possible when we choose to open our hearts to living love.
  - Tommie Borton Warder, gives workshops in Stress Management for the United States Government

Walking Through Illusion helps us to trust our choices, honor the wisdom they brought us, and believe in why we’re here.
  - Rev. Hannelore Goodwin, Circle of Miracles

I love how Betsy has taken Biblical characters and infused them with the same emotional struggles we have today; thereby enabling us to identity with people we might have thought were different.
  - Jean Wells, Chancellor’s Office, California State University

I’m most attracted to the intimate and personal analysis Betsy shares at the end of each chapter and found myself looking forward to her insight and honest introspection.
  - Joy Poulter

When I read Walking Through Illusion, all that I’d lived seemed to make sense – and I loved the affirmation.
  - Bob Knotek

In Walking through Illusion, Betsy has identified the reason we falter in our journey toward love; we forget to highlight the positives and focus on the negatives.
  - Vicki Perez