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ISBN: 1508607273
Pub Date: February 23, 2015

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“LoveHuman helps you to understand creation and the nature of life. It asks the questions we all need to ask ourselves to help us find enlightenment. You can question and disagree with it and still learn. So start reading and find your answers to life’s questions.”
  - Bernie Siegel, MD author of The Art of Healing and A Book of Miracles

“I told my friend that LoveHuman was obviously written just for me. I still don’t know how Betsy got to know me so well but, clearly, she has her ways. I am in awe. Thank you Betsy.”
  - Ethel Jackson, host of Living from Within

“Thompson reminds us that ‘when you look for guidance, look for the feeling that leads you to love’…this book will expand your consciousness in powerful ways…A very good read.”
  - Dr. Melba Burns, author of Write a Journal So Your Soul Smiles.

“LoveHuman is a work of sacred importance, a masterful guide through this phase of life, weaving worldly wisdom with sustaining force of heart and soul, providing both comfort and inspiration for the life unfolding.”
  - John De Simio

“I am, once again, touched by the wisdom and love of this author.” 
  - Joy Poulter

“If we arrived here on planet earth with an instruction manual, I’d want LoveHuman to be a part of it…. There is much wisdom in this tiny gem of a book, Thank you Betsy!”
  - Linda Tremblay, Artist

“LoveHuman reminds us that this complicated, confusing, often maddening game of life is, nonetheless, one in which everybody wins.” 
  - Judith Stanton, Editor of “Emmanuel’s Book.”

Ms. Thompson.. expresses a gentle, joyful philosophy of life.
  - Elizabeth Salt, Library Journal