Where you come from and Where you are going

LoveHuman offers valuable guidance regarding how to find comfort in a world where uncomfortable things happen. It answers questions regarding where you come from, where you are going, and why you are here. The message helps us embrace the world as it is and the people around us as they are—and love whatever that is. Not because it’s a perfect world, but because as we love and accept life as it is, love and acceptance grow.

“LoveHuman helps you to understand creation and the nature of life. It asks the questions we all need to ask ourselves to help us find enlightenment. You can question and disagree with it and still learn. So start reading and find your answers to life’s questions.”
— Bernie Siegel, MD author of The Art of Healing and A Book of Miracles

ISBN: 1508607273
Pub Date: February 23, 2015

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