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ISBN: 978-148195-395-5
Pub Date: August 23, 2013

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When it comes to parenting this book would have to be in a class by itself. It IS about parenting but not in the way that we have been accustomed to looking at the subject. The message in Love Parent is unique in that it brings home (in a way that cannot possibly be ignored) the undeniable Truth that you cannot tend to others successfully until you know how to tend to yourself successfully. In conjunction with other works by this author, this book has brought me to the full realization that Love is the Essence of who we are. It is in that knowing that my life has truly become one delicious moment after another, and if you continue to follow Betsy’s teaching, which is certainly easy enough to do, that experience will be yours as well. The answer to life’s questions lie within us and Love Parent will take you to that the inner space where the still small voice (that lives inside of all of us) can be heard. This book is a game changer and for that we say thank you Betsy!
  - Ethel Jackson

A book that I will share with my grandchildren as they have approached this time in their lives when the patter of little feet has come about. I, like others lived by Dr. Spock and family relatives for guidance, and would have relished having something as insightful and inspirational as Betsy's book, LoveParent!
  - Rita Chrismer

Betsy has created a gem that reflects light onto new perspectives and pathways, not only for parenting your children but also for taking care of yourself. I particularly appreciated her thoughts on divorce and step-parenting.
  - E. B. Warder

"Even those of us who don't have children of our own will find handy kernels of truth in Ms. Thompson's respectful approach to a broad range of parenting issues in LoveParent."
  - Harold A. Dehaven III

Lovely book with important info for raising a child always with love. Love this Author!
  - Vicki M.

In Loveparent I appreciate the emphasis on the idea that being an gifted parent means being kind to oneself thus role modeling...not lecturing. The book encourages us to live what matters to us, so that our children will learn to chose wisely for themselves. I especially like the chapters on Adolescence and Sibling Rivalry.
  - Peace W. Baxter

Being a patent , this showed me how to approach situations with love , understanding.. Love the way the author shares and this is definitely a must for any parents struggle with a true life situation. I have read her other books and her style of writing is almost as if she is talking directly to me ! Thank you !
  - Holly Stephey

Betsy Otter Thompson has again written a beautiful book, LoveParent; this one about the art of raising children… A great read for anyone… parent or not. Keep up your great work Betsy!
  - Ronnie McIntosh

If you are, or are planning to be, a parent and have misplaced your instruction manual–here it is! Love is all you need. How many times do we need to hear that message? Betsy is a writer with great style and spirit and I highly recommend reading LoveParent as a booster shot when your own spirit is flagging–whether you are a parent or someone’s child. 
  - Bathsheba Monk, 5 star review on Amazon

“LOVEPARENT is a beautiful book and deserves to be widely read. The message is nothing less than superb.”
  - Judith Stanton
, Editor of “Emmanuel’s Book”

“Even those of us who don’t have children of our own will find handy kernels of truth in Ms. Thompson’s respectful approach to a broad range of parenting issues in LoveParent.” 
  - Trace DeHaven

“In LOVEPARENT, I love the emphasis on the idea that being a gifted parent means being kind to oneself and role modeling – not lecturing. This book encourages us to live what matters to us, so that our children will choose wisely for themselves. I especially liked the chapters, Adolescence and Sibling Rivalry.” 
  - Peace Baxter

“LOVEPARENT is the perfect handbook to remember who we are and why we came here. Our children are born with the innate wisdom we have forgotten. Ms. Thompson clearly and kindly reminds us to allow our children to be our teachers.” 
  - Shianna Kuhn

“Thank you, Betsy, for the gift of LOVEPARENT.”
  - Joy Poulter

“LOVEPARENT encompasses every phase of life from birth… through childhood, mature adult, and is completely inspired by love… This [book] is an invaluable template for all of us.” 
  - Nena Girsch

“I wish I’d had this book when I was raising my children. My heart has been deeply moved by the message. Recommended reading for any parent or anyone considering parenthood.” 
  - Melba Burns
, Ph.D. author, Romance Your Writer Within and Reawaken Your Passion to Write.

Once I started [LOVEPARENT] I couldn’t stop until I finished… I wish I had this book when I started having children. Thank you for creating a book based on spiritual truths to help families grow and flourish. 
  - Annette Kroninger

What you have to say in LOVEPARENT is, in my opinion, so very healthy
  - Priscilla Shaffer

A MUST-read for parents or anyone contemplating parenthood, as well as a valuable guide for everyone. LOVEPARENT offers spiritual insight into why we choose to be here and contains wisdom beyond everyday and obvious perception. 
  - The Rev. Hannelore Goodwin,
 Founder, Circle of Miracles

I have come to appreciate Betsy’ writing for the great inspirational stuff that it is. Insightful, chock full of good stuff and well intentioned is the hallmark of this work. I am glad I spent the time with this book
  - Giovanni Gelati