What is The Mirror Theory?

  by Betsy Otter Thompson

What is The Mirror Theory? The Mirror Theory refers to emotional action/reaction. Everyone you encounter is an emotional mirror of the love or the lack of love you express. In fact, they reflect back to you a part of yourself. When you love what you feel from these mirrors, you think of life as grand. When you hate what you feel from these mirrors, you look for someone to blame.

Dissatisfaction only comes from not working in a positive way with your reflection. When you see everyone as a mirror and therefore a teacher, you free yourself from a victim mentality and gain a sense of gratitude for the answers right in front of you. Healing then becomes possible because the only thought that needs to be healed has been revealed.

For example, let’s suppose you are patronizing another person. You may not be aware that you are, but your emotional action is still out there. When you are patronized back and feel offended, that’s a sure signal that you have committed the same offense. If you didn’t patronize another and you get patronized, the mirror won’t affect you. In fact, you may not even notice it. And if you do notice it, you won’t care.