Walking Through Illusion Excerpt

Walking Through Illusion

ISBN: 978-84694-292-1
Pub Date: May 28, 2010

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Dear friends,

Take my hand as you wander through your day. Not so that I can show you any wonders in my world, but so that you can show me the wonders in yours. I too had a curious mind as I challenged the status quo. Many times I did so with my hands and what they could hold and touch. Many times I did so with my soul and what I could sense and feel. But, always, I was looking for new frontiers and ways to engage the intangible. What a miracle you have before you! What creativity you have brought to this heavenly game! I am deeply moved by the depth to which you have stretched your unlimited souls; so broad are your innovations, so great are your commitments, so deep are your imaginings. No effort has ever been wasted, no beginning ever forgotten, and no accomplishment ever lost. Now and forever you are the light you shine, the love you share, and the beauty you bestow.